Renee C. Jackson -                                      "Excellence Is My Priority"
Hello Everyone, and Thank you for visiting my website! 
Here is a little about me. 
I am an Passionate Educator and Entreprenuer.   I have been in the career field of Education since 2003. I have taught in both the Broward County and Palm Beach County School Districts. My initial goal was to become a Principal of a school one day, But in the last year, I've discovered that I have the passion and drive to venture out on my own.  Therefore, I am pursuing opening my own business.  I would love to open my own charter school for grades K-12.  In addition to my educational career,  I have many talents and other areas of expertise.  I was recently married, and I planned my ENTIRE wedding. It was so lovely and the happiest day of my life!  My theme was "Enchanted." Everything was so Elegant, and Exotic, exactly how I envisioned it.  After so many compliments and accolades on my wedding,  I realized that I have a strong talent in Event planning. SInce then, I have coordinated several events.  Im also very  talented  in hair and makeup, fashion, and invitation & brochure design.  I am also very talented in singing.  I perform solo, or with my group "Rejoicing Ever So Sweetly" around the South Florida area. As you can see, there are many facets to my life. But my greatest accomplishment is  having my wonderful 5-year son, Jayden, who is the inspiration for everything that I do. 
I hope you have learned a little about me, so I would love to get to know you. I would love to discuss with you in detail what services I can offer.  My motto is "Excellence Is My Priority".  I look forward to working with you.
Mrs. Renee C. Jackosn 
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